Shitty Post

Wow december fucking 10th, I suck at posts. I feel like all all my posts I rag on the fact that I don’t post. Well whatever,  11 years in now, we’ve been killing it. Im learning everyday and loving life. Thank you for all the support! Stoked to keep killing it in the future with you all.




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Easy peasy,

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Screen shot the featured image,


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Apparently I suck at posts,

Man, I have been neglecting my website. I apologize, (its the canadian in me)

I’ve been crazy busy, and it seems the only thing I have time ish to keep up with is instagram.

Thank you all for the love and support, and all of you who voted for me at Now Magazine.
I am so stoked to have won runner up this near, second to Mikey who I am lucky enough to work beside at The Shop Tattoo Co

I skipped most of the shows this year due to some life stuff, being an adult, having a baby, building a home and business. But I promise, ill make it all up with some bad ass tattoos!


Check out my shops website while you are here,


-Glen Hartless




WHATS UP! Its been a long time since I’ve posted. My bad,

Might as well jump back in the post loop with content on TWO of my favorite things

Convention, and Alberta, Love it.

I will be at the Alberta Bound Tattoo and arts festival in Calgary,

Along side Shawn McCaig, and Mikey Charette from my shop.

Cant wait to see you all there, don’t be shy. Pop by and say hi.

Grab some merch, show some love.



Wow, what a year.. Thank you 2015

brick copy


I am so thankful for having such wonderful clients, friends and family. It has been a great and successful year. I was announced The Best Tattoo Artist In Toronto 2015 by Now Magazine. My shop is open, I called it The Shop Tattoo Co, or  THE SHOP for short. I lucked out with 2 killer artists working with me, and couldn’t be happier. Lets see what 2016 Brings,
The Shop is currently booking clients for for the new year, you can reach the shop directly by the following,

[email protected]

647-352-OUCH (6824)

I will be doing a few guest appearances and conventions this year. So far I have booked

Calgary – Feb 21-28 2016

Cancun – April 16-23 2016

Halifax/ Maritime Tattoo Show – May 20-23 2016

NIX Tattoo Show – June 17-19 2016

The London Tattoo Show – September 24-26 2016

Sydney Australia – November – December 2016


Besides those dates I will be home and booking, you can contact me directly in the Bookings section.